Days 8 through 11 – Setting the Beam and Installing Roof Panels

Days 8 through 11

Below is a 3-D rendering of the roofline which will route the rainwater to a single spout location in the front of the house. The rendering should help you to get a good idea of what it is you are seeing in the construction photos.

The beam is made of light gauge steel from Advanced Steel Homes and was fabricated on site.It was designed by the engineer, Steve Cali, who has been present to make on site inspections during the fabrication and installation.

It was an intense couple of days, especially when you take into consideration that their was absolutely no machinery used on this build. It was all done by hand, the good old fashioned way.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to take a look at our Flickr site for those not featured in the blog.

Next, we will be putting the underlayment on for the roof in order to seal it; cutting out openings and installing exterior doors and windows; and installing the rough-in for plumbing, mechanical, and electrical.

3-D Architectural Rendering of the Roof

Light Gauge Beam and 6″ SIPs

Roof Panels Installed


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