Tulane University New Wave Article

REOSE’s SUNSHOWER SSIP House featured on New Wave, the newspage on the Tulane

University website.

SunShower House

Harvests Rain and Solar Power

November 4, 2011

Mary Ann Travis

In the Lakeview neighborhood off West End Boulevard on Harrison Avenue, in an area still a little bare of trees because of the slam of Hurricane Katrina, a SunShower House is going up. Designed by Tulane architecture professors, it is being built by hand. Constructed with Steel Structural Insulated Panels, the house will withstand hurricane winds up to 160 miles per hour.

The SunShower house’s “form tells its story,” says Judith Kinnard, architecture professor. Its roof forms are designed to collect solar energy and rainwater. (Photos by Sabree Hill)

“A skill saw and electric drill are the only tools necessary to build this house,” says Matt Larkin of Oceansafe.

Judith Kinnard, professor of architecture, and Tiffany Lin, assistant professor of architecture, won the 2010 REOSE Sustainable Design Competition for the energy-efficient, two-bedroom house.

Check it out online here…

Or download the PDF file here…  Tulane University – SunShower house harvests rain and solar power


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