Mid-Construction Media Day

Thanks so much for everyone who made it out to the site as it was really a great day all around. WWLTV Channel 4 did send a news team to take video at the event and we will let everyone know if and when it airs or posts. Judith Kinnard and Tiffany Lin gave a fantastic overview of the design and functionality of the Sunshower SSIP. DASO (Delgado Architectural Student Organization) was invited to join us for the architect’s presentation and will be submitting their trip details into a yearly submission for the NAHB Outstanding Student Chapter Program. Our event was also visited and tweeted by the The Urban Conservancy  to over 2000 subscribers. A special thanks to our friends at The Building Block and Woodward Design+Build for all their resources and efforts for promoting our Mid-Construction Media Day Event. We will be working to have more events at the site prior to completion, upon completion, and post completion. We have some really great ideas which I think you will be excited to hear about as they develop. Thanks again for everyone’s support and it was great to come together and work as a team yesterday.


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