The Original Rainwater Pillow Installation

The Original Rainwater Pillow is a simple rainwater harvesting system that is custom manufactured to fit available wasted space. Since the Sunshower House is designed to be transported from a factory to a build site in a single container, The Original Rainwater Pillow is the best catchment option. The 1000 gallon Original Rainwater Pillow’s can be folded into a box 2 Feet x 2 Feet x 6 Inches, providing a perfect match with the Sunshower House goals of easy storage and handeling.

A 1,000 gallon Original Rainwater Pillow is installed under the house (above ground and hidden).

Rainwater is collected off the roof and directed via a down spout to the rainwater harvesting system filtration hidden below shower floor.

The gutter down spout directs the water to the filter and then into the Original Rainwater Pillow.

The Original Rainwater Pillow system is fully automatic system whether it is connected to faucets or irrigation.

This is how the Sunshower House utilizes some wasted space.  Here the pillow has just been installed and waiting for rain.  The 1000 gallon pillow is custom manufactured to fit the tight available wasted space.

The 22 gallon per minute demand pump can supply water flow requirements for the irrigation, faccet, or other need for the home.

Simple installation showing pillow drain port connected to demand pump. Pillow is full and ready to provide water for the non-potable use.

The Original Rainwater Pillow was installed by Wade Hatch Construction.


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