OCEANSAFE Housing: is a manufacturer of steel structural insulated panels, committed to the sustainable rebuilding of New Orleans, with ongoing building projects here and throughout the Gulf and Caribbean Regions.  Its reach is also worldwide, in providing immediate and permanent volume solutions to both housing and commercial infrastructure needs, with a commitment to quality, exacting material standards and functional sustainability in every building they sell.  The concept behind OceanSafe Building Systems or SSIPS (Steel Structural Insulated Panels) is both simple and revolutionary.  The product consists of galvalume panels, combined with an expanded polystyrene core (EPS), and assembled with a patented snap-together system that makes them highly resistant to the traditional destructive forces of nature, resulting in a finished building that is truly green and enduringly sustainable with unprecedented warranties, energy savings, and insurance reductions. For more information please see:

The ReGen Group: is a diverse collection of engineers, architects, planners, disaster recovery and sustainable design professionals.  The Group formed in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and took leadership roles in the planning, public/private policy and community rebuilding process.  Having helped advance issues like risk-based insurance, sustainable design/performance standards, energy and environmental policy, recovery planning, community redevelopment, renewable energy incentives, net metering, green utility formation, and Federal and State Grant writing teams.   The Group’s mission is simply, “we empower sustainable life”. We seek to accomplish our mission by combining cutting edge “deep well” technologies, global redevelopment experience and an uncompromising “can do” attitude, to inform, and hold accountable, the highest level of public policy, community and disaster redevelopment of place.  For additional information please see:



  1. How much does it cost?

  2. Teresa says:

    May I see floor plans, find out about interior options. Are living external walls an option? I live in rural Southeastern Virginia on a river where hurricanes and ice storms are issue about every 3rd year and would love to be off grid!

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