The Original Rainwater Pillow Installation

The Original Rainwater Pillow is a simple rainwater harvesting system that is custom manufactured to fit available wasted space. Since the Sunshower House is designed to be transported from a factory to a build site in a single container, The Original Rainwater Pillow is the best catchment option. The 1000 gallon Original Rainwater Pillow’s can be folded into a box 2 Feet x 2 Feet x 6 Inches, providing a perfect match with the Sunshower House goals of easy storage and handeling.

A 1,000 gallon Original Rainwater Pillow is installed under the house (above ground and hidden).

Rainwater is collected off the roof and directed via a down spout to the rainwater harvesting system filtration hidden below shower floor.

The gutter down spout directs the water to the filter and then into the Original Rainwater Pillow.

The Original Rainwater Pillow system is fully automatic system whether it is connected to faucets or irrigation.

This is how the Sunshower House utilizes some wasted space.  Here the pillow has just been installed and waiting for rain.  The 1000 gallon pillow is custom manufactured to fit the tight available wasted space.

The 22 gallon per minute demand pump can supply water flow requirements for the irrigation, faccet, or other need for the home.

Simple installation showing pillow drain port connected to demand pump. Pillow is full and ready to provide water for the non-potable use.

The Original Rainwater Pillow was installed by Wade Hatch Construction.


Sunshower SSIP Completed Photos

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Sunshower SSIP Model


February 27, 2012




Painted Trim and Hardie Board








Day 32 Sheetrock, Hardie, Front Stairs

Day 32 – Sheetrock, Hardie, Front Stairs

 Today the Sheetrock, Exterior Hardie panel and lap siding, and the exterior stairs are being installed.

This part of the construction is really a pivotal point and one of the best times to view this site, and any construction site for that matter. The structure starts to take shape as and become a home. You can start to feel the actual size of the rooms and the flow of the home as it would be lived in.

We are going to be leaving one bedroom wall and ceiling in the home unfinished which will allow us to display the Oceansafe Steel SIP system after construction is complete.

The sheetrock has been donated by Seacoast Supply, manufactured by USG and installed by Stewart Interior Contractors; The Hardie products have been donated by James Hardie Building Products and installed by Vinyl Tech; and lastly the lumber for the stairs was donated by and installed by.

To install the Hardie into the steel skin of the SIP, a special order pin was supplied by Aerosmith Fastening Systems. Aerosmith also loaned us the guns to shoot these pins and we want to give a special thanks to Howard Goode for coming out to the site to participate in the Hardie installation as well as the Media Day.


Day 31 Porch “WINDOWS” cut out

Day 31 – Porch “WINDOWS” cut out

The west facing entry porch is enclosed by vertical SIP panels. A series of free-form apertures are proposed in these panels for light and breezes. These could vary according to the engineering requirements of the structure and the wishes of the residents.

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Day 27 – 28 Windows and Doors Delivered and Installed

Day 27-28 Windows and Doors Delivered and Installed

We would like to give a huge thank you to Coastal Door and Window for providing the exterior windows and doors for this project!


Day 30 Hydrostop Waterproofing

Day 30 Hydrostop

When considering that the main roof  has a sole purpose of harvesting rainwater, we knew that it was of extreme importance that the panel joints, valley connections, and fascia connections be waterproofed. There was no question about which product to use – Hydrostop.

We would like to to thank Hydrostop for donating the product and Bradley Dunn with B&C Development for doing a great job of installing it!


Day 21-23 Electrical and Plumbing Rough Ins

Day 21-23 – Electrical and Plumbing Rough Ins