OCEANSAFE Emergency Response Pod

The Oceansafe ERP (Emergency Response Pod) foldable design delivers a shelter which is efficient for transportation and storage. The Patented (patent pending) folding design enables 10 units to fit into a 40-foot ISO cargo container. Twelve units (12) can be transported domestically on a 40-foot flatbed semi trailer. 8 units can be stacked and stored indoors or outdoors in 1,600 cubic ft of space (10’x8’x20′). This is the same amount of space utilized by one 20′ travel trailer. On site set up and disassembly can be handled by 3 people plus a manual davit lift system or fork lift in less than 10 minutes per unit. The units have integrated latching systems and rubber seals around all connections which provide an extremely tight connection and require only an “Allen Wrench” to secure.

  • The composite structure provides a durable and light weight solution. Each Emergency Response Pod weighs between 1800 to 2000 lbs
  • The panels are delivered with plumbing integrated into the rear wall.
  • The 1.75″ walls and roof provide insulation factors of R-10 in the walls and R-12 in the roof.
  • The composite walls and latching systems provide substantial strength. Wind loads of up to 155 mph winds, snow loads on the roof of 75 lbs. per square foot, live loads on the floor of 75 lbs. per square foot.
  • The walls and floors have been pre-wired and a recessed breaker box in the back wall can handle 30 amp or 50 amp electrical services.
  • Each Emergency Response Pod front door has combination key entry and dead bolt.
  • The smooth gel coat surfaces inside and outside enable the Emergency Response Pod to be pressure washed then chemically disinfected for future use.

Flexibility: The Emergency Response Pod has been designed to be used for multiple purposes with integrated power distribution and plumbing. Interiors packages can be configured to have the Emergency Response Pod be utilized as an Office, Medical Clinic, Bunk House or Intermediate Living Quarters. The exteriors have been designed to fit together in multiple unit configurations for larger space needs.

Durability: The  is designed to last for up to 30 years with proper maintenance. The engineering of Emergency Response Pod’s rigid walls has been designed to withstand 155mph winds, 75 lbs per square ft. snow load to the roof, 75 lbs per square ft. live load to the floor and 1.15G lateral acceleration Seismic load.

Reusability: The Emergency Response Pod is designed to be utilized multiple times for various purposes. The smooth gel coat interior and exterior make cleaning and sterilizing the unit after use quick and easy. The collapsible design allows the units to be stored efficiently awaiting their next use.

Transportability: The Emergency Response Pod is designed to be able to fit inside a 40′ shipping container (10 units) or be transported stacked 6 to 7 high on a flat bed trailer or rail car. Individual units can then be transported on a flat bed trailer or the integrated trailer wheels and tongue can be installed (and removed) after reaching the final destination.

Exterior Configurations

Single 8x8x20 Emergency Response Pod
Interior Square Footage: 149
Footprint dimensions: 8′ x 20′


Two units connected “T” formation
Interior Square Footage: 298
Footprint Dimensions: 28′ x 20′


Two units connected “End to End”
Interior Square Footage: 298
Footprint Dimensions: 8′ x 40′


Three Units connected “H” formation
Interior Square Footage: 447Footprint Dimensions: 36′ x 20′


Four Units connected Expanded “H” Interior Square Footage: 596
Footprint Dimensions: 56′ x 20′


Interior Configurations

Office / Command Center
7 work stations


Medical Clinic
2 examination rooms


2 person Bunk house with kitchenette
2 Full size bunks, 2 chairs, microwave, mini refrigerator, sink , two drop down tables


4 person Bunk house with kitchenette
4 twin bunks, 2 chairs, microwave, mini refrigerator, sink


6 person Bunk house with kitchenette
6 twin bunks, microwave, mini refrigerator, sink, two drop down tables


1-3 family member Intermediate housing
Twin bed (bunk), 1 full size sofa/convertible bed, full kitchen, toilet , shower, dinette table and chairs, 1 chair, 2 movable clothing storage units



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