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Lakeview house is designed to address post-disaster challengesdisaster-house-exterior.jpg


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MAGE Modules Part Of Net-Zero Home Design


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BUILDER /// INNOVATE /// CREATE /// SUCCEED Building for Sustainability and Survival

The new Sunshower SSIP home is crafted to withstand a wide range of natural disasters.


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Jetson Green

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SunShower SSIP House Built in NOLA


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Shower Power: Disaster-resilient prototype home completed in New Orleans… to read article click here.

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The Original Rainwater Pillow Installation

The Original Rainwater Pillow is a simple rainwater harvesting system that is custom manufactured to fit available wasted space. Since the Sunshower House is designed to be transported from a factory to a build site in a single container, The Original Rainwater Pillow is the best catchment option. The 1000 gallon Original Rainwater Pillow’s can be folded into a box 2 Feet x 2 Feet x 6 Inches, providing a perfect match with the Sunshower House goals of easy storage and handeling.

A 1,000 gallon Original Rainwater Pillow is installed under the house (above ground and hidden).

Rainwater is collected off the roof and directed via a down spout to the rainwater harvesting system filtration hidden below shower floor.

The gutter down spout directs the water to the filter and then into the Original Rainwater Pillow.

The Original Rainwater Pillow system is fully automatic system whether it is connected to faucets or irrigation.

This is how the Sunshower House utilizes some wasted space.  Here the pillow has just been installed and waiting for rain.  The 1000 gallon pillow is custom manufactured to fit the tight available wasted space.

The 22 gallon per minute demand pump can supply water flow requirements for the irrigation, faccet, or other need for the home.

Simple installation showing pillow drain port connected to demand pump. Pillow is full and ready to provide water for the non-potable use.

The Original Rainwater Pillow was installed by Wade Hatch Construction.


Sunshower SSIP Completed Photos

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Inhabitat 2012 Article

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New Orleans Model Home Introduces New Era in Sustainable and Hurricane Resistant Construction

 The “Sunshower SSIP House” New Orleans’ model home designed by REOSE Sustainable Design Competition winners architects Judith Kinnard and Tiffany Lin opens demonstrating the latest in green design. 

A new era in green and durable construction will be unveiled in New Orleans on Wednesday, March 21st. The completion of this award-winning REOSE Sunshower SSIP model is a milestone in sustainable technology and construction. The completed home, designed by Tulane University professors of architecture, Judith Kinnard and Tiffany Lin, can withstand extreme weather conditions, including hurricane-force winds and incorporates the latest energy-efficient and water-saving technologies. The home located at 222 Harrison Avenue in the Lakeview neighborhood has an innovative look and incorporates the latest in durable materials and efficient design concepts for a highly integrated housing model that is an ideal solution for mass global housing needs and emergency disaster relief response.

The planning, production, and future of this project is the combined efforts of four leading New Orleans companies including Oceansafe, Woodward Design+Build, C&G Construction, and the Regen Group. Each sponsoring company represents a key role in the process, from engineering to community planning, effectively approaching housing from start to finish.

REOSE will showcase the home and provide an overview of its unique first-of-its-kind features, materials and technologies on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. Architects, engineers, contractors and the over 60 vendors (Link to Participating Vendors) involved with the project will be recognized for their donations and contributions.  Demonstrations of materials and equipment, customized and other informational activities will take place between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. with a special presentation at 11:30 am.

According to Vincent Basilice, CEO of Oceansafe, “The Sunshower SSIP model home is a remarkable example of cooperation and advances that have been made in green building.  The companies that participated in this project are to be commended for their commitment to sustainability.  The ‘Sunshower’ is an attractive home; its design is smart and functional in terms of energy efficiency and ability to weather the toughest storms and adverse environmental conditions.  Now that the model has been completed, we can truly appreciate the winning design that was submitted in the 2010 REOSE Sustainable Design Competition. We can all take pride in the strides made in sustainable building that this structure represents.”

Demonstrations during the Wednesday, March 21st media day event will showcase the hurricane resistant and energy efficient qualities of the building envelope, as well as sustainable aspects including solar and rainwater collection equipment utilized in the home. Guided tours by the architects, builders and vendors will be available to demonstrate the unique qualities of this first-of-its-kind home. Product displays, photo-slideshows, and material samples will be available for the media and visitors. Over the next several months international, national and local government officials, green building organizations, and educational institutes will have the opportunity to tour Sunshower SSIP model. These officials will not only be viewing the high performance sustainable technology of the home, but will have the opportunity to meet with the entire team, including the vendors.

The Sunshower SSIP model uses only readily available and standard building materials that fit into a single cargo container. The kit includes all the materials required to achieve a safe, healthy, comfortable and enduring level of building performance, while meeting all of its energy and water needs even in extreme environments. The REOSE containerized kit concept is an ideal solution for mass global housing needs and emergency disaster relief response; using a sincere approach to producing a practical, economical, and attainable option for the housing marketplace.

For more information about this historic “Green” home building project, its history, new videos and photos and information about participating vendors visit:

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Grand Opening Press Release Sunshower_03-16-12.

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ImageEmergency Housing Made from Structural Steel Insulated Panels

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