Thank you to all the vendors and companies that have committed their expertise, materials and services.

Donation Company Name Phone Number POC Email
SSIP Manufacturer Oceansafe, LLC 504.523.4900 Joseph Basilice
Designer Judith Kinnard Architect, LLC with Tiffany Lin 504.314.2322 Judith Kinnard &
504.865.2324 Tiffany Lin
General Contractor C&G Construction of LA, Inc. 504.464.1800 Guy Paternostro &
CJ Minor
Construction Manager Woodward Design + Build 504.822.6443 Rick Dupont
Sustainable Design Consultant The Regen Group 504.570.4661 Christopher Faust
Engineering Cali & LaPlace Engineers, LLC 504.388.8719 Steve Cali
Mechanical Ponchartrain Mechanical 504.738.3061 Chuck Sardi
Electrical All Star Electric 985.618.1200 Paul Murray
Portable Toilets Pot O Gold 985.969.1821 Daniel Pena
Rain Collection System The Original Rainwater Pillow 770.853.9918 Jim Harrington
Piles Crescent Foundations, LLC 504.818.2945 Paul Austin
Concrete LaFarge Concrete North America, Inc. 504.834.3341 Gerard Vitrano, Jr
Concrete Accessories Building Specialties 504.895.0322 Russ Babin
Masonry Wall Rush Masonry 504.734.8844 Randy Rush
Cabinets Republic Industries 713.309.5774 Stewart Stearman
Countertops CaersarStone 504.575.4328 Anita Rowe
Lumber & Accessories Lumber Products, Inc. 504.834.8444 Frank Fazio
Trusses Trussway 713.691.6900 Greg Olive
Truss Supplier Snavely Forest Products 281.445.0011 Steve Cotaya
Exterior Stucco Coating and Installation Hart Solutions Group 580.695.9589 John Guthrie
Building Exterior – Hardie Plank James Hardie Building Products 504.875.8357 Todd Adams
Wood Doors Himmel’s 225.673.8777 Chad Himmel
Door Hardware Crescent Door and Hardware, Inc. 504.733.8366 Neuville Hotstream
Windows Hurricane Screen Montgomery & Associates 504.947.4339 Tim Montgomery
Windows Coastal Doors & Window 251.338.3031 Lee Goodloe
Window Manufacturer PGT 850.572.5358 David Pitcher
Masonry Wall Finish Coat Installation Old World Finishes, LLC 255.291.9167 Bobby Devillier
Masonry Wall Finish Coat Manufacturer American Clay 866.404.1634 Armin Croft Elsaesser
Drywall Material Seacoast Supply 504.733.4263 Tony Mueller
Drywall Manufacturer USG 985.789.6049 Dwayne Knight
Drywall Installation Stewart Interiors Contractors LLC 504.301.0535 Gordon Stewart
Flooring Perque Carpet & Drapery, LTD 504.469.6714 Stuart Perque
Paint Material Helm Paint & Supply, Inc. 504.861.8179 Joe Romanick
Paint Labor Interior Commercial Painting Company, Inc. 504.887.3336 Eddie Schanuder
Toilet Accessories Waldo Brothers 504.834.8456 Mary Kay Cowen
Toilet Accessories Manufacturer Franklin Brass 336.293.1798 Briane Boger
Medicine Cabinet Ketchum 631.615.6151 Gina LaCarrubba
Appliances GE Appliance 985.626.0580 Henry Steib
Landscape Design M. Johanna Leibe, LLC  and Brandon Adams 504.304.9398 Johanna Leibe
Brandon Adams
Light Gauge Metal Advanced Steel Homes 504.523.5839 Bob Armbruster
Metal Fasteners Triangle Fasteners 985.809.4130 Lisa Bass
Mattress BioPosture 516.754.7167 Tom Williams
Roof Valley Waterproofing Hydro Stop 504.258.1136 Jay Lips
PVC Cimsco, Inc. 504.628.6982 Trey Riviere
Hardie Board Fasteners Aerosmith Fastening Systems 407.330.9083 Howard Good
Hardie Board Installation Vinyl Tech 504.259.8324 Shane Mulkey
Trim and Baseboards Shelter Products 251.517.1070 Gary Carpenter
Scaffolding Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services 985.401.0400 Vernon Hargis
Countertops Installation Carr Stone & Tile, Inc. 504.835.8453 John Carr
Ground Cover Material, Pavers and Installation Rotolo Consultants 985.643.2691 Kasey Dorr
Landscape Material and Installation Anthony’s Architectural Landscape Construction 504.834.3094 Ted Anthony
Misc Steel Progressive Iron Works 985.649.3366 Sal Dash
Sustainable  &  Solar Resources Com4t Engineering Systems 504.602.6648 Ed Perez
Solar Resources MAGE Solar Projects, Inc. 941.412.7090 Wolfgang Beaugrand
Solar Racking PCM Precision & S.L. PLOTA CO. 727.249.4591 Mike Penhallegon
Wind Turbine Sunconomy 281.772.6583 Larry Haines
LED Lighting Advanced Alternative Technologies 808.281.2276 Nathan Barthels
Rainwater Collection Installation Hatch Construction 985.855.2103 Wade Hatch
Gutters and Downspouts Woodward Design + Build 504.822.6443 Rick Dupont
Handrails MANUFAB, Inc. 504.909.2360 Rick Ledet
Furniture and Home Staging Modern Market 504.957.0281 Sherrie Hope
Window Coverings Joffary Window Coverings & Interiors, LLC 504.734.9913 Cathie Joffary
Solar Inverters SMA Solar Technology 916.316.4256 Tristan Kreager
Solar Installation Lumos 303.497.7983 Ryan Schaub
Security System Equipment ADI for Honeywell 504.780.9173 Eldon Sundquist
Security System Installation Doberman Security & Alarm, LLC 985.867.8548 Debbie Mastrodonato
Bathroom Mirror Zinsel Glass 504.367.2330 Warren Buonagura

REOSE Vendors for Publication


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