Advanced Steel Homes

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Advanced Steel Homes is a provider of materials for contractors and consumers.  Its Advanced Steel’s house system minimizes building inspector time due to factory production and quality control measures. The company’s highly sophisticated software package and assembly line is used to develop, design, and manufacture in the most efficient manner.

Advance Steel Framing produces fabricated steel panels and truss systems.

The software program eliminates mistakes so that all the components are engineered to exact dimensions, resulting in an extraordinary construction that is linked to computerized roll forms that cut components to exact size, punch all screw holes, and all electrical holes.

Advanced Steel structures offer storm resistant strength and can meet or exceed all relevant codes. The additional strength of steel can make it easier to expand a home without significant upgrades to the existing structure.

Construction time is reduced.  Steel Component framing can take as little as 3 days on site. Overall, the average worker produces twice the square footage per day.

Advanced Steel Homes

Representative: Nicole Goodwin
Office Number: 504-827-4042
Company address: 4333 Euphrosine St. New Orleans, LA 70125
E-mail address:


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