Aerosmith Fastening Systems

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Aerosmith Fastening Systems has been leading the way in product innovation for pneumatic fasteners and tools.  Today’s contractors are looking for faster, better, money saving products allowing them to be more competitive in today’s challenging market place.  Aerosmith’s line of innovative fasteners do just that.  All Aerosmith pins are made with heat treated steel and ballistic point to allowing the point to penetrate the steel cleanly and quickly installing 7-10 times faster than conventional methods.  The friction force creates a bond between the steel and the fastener for maximum holding power.

Aerosmith’s 2359N Gripshank SuperSharp was designed specifically for 18-20 ga 50KSI steel.  The SuperSharp ballistic point provides pierces the steel quickly and uniformly for quick, clean penetration through the truss chord or stud.  The patented Gripshank knurling pattern forms a tighter knurl creating a greater surface area.  The displaced steel to rebound around the pin creating a strong bond that prohibits the withdrawal of the fastener form the steel.

Call Aerosmith today to learn more about how pin fastening can help you improve productivity and increase profits.

Aerosmith Fastening Systems 

Representative: Lisa Beally
Office Number: 800-528-8183
Company address: 5621 Dividend Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46241
E-mail address:


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