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BioPosture, Inc.TM, is the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly line of BioMemoryFoamTM mattresses and pillows designed to promote more natural, restful sleep.  These “green” products are available through the BioPostureTM Network of Chiropractors and health care professionals across the country.  BioPostureTM mattresses feature plant-based BioMemoryFoamTM for comfortable, cool sleep; a Neutral Posture Support SystemTM for the best possible ergonomic sleep; and outer fabric covering derived from natural bamboo a renewable resource that is antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial.

The BioPostureTM BioSportTM mattress offers additional features that are sought and by athletes. The company’s products are made to order in “zero emissions chambers” in the United States, and are transported to consumers using an environmentally conscious process.  BioPostureTM accessory items include mattress foundations and protective mattress covers.

BioPosture, Inc.

Representative: Tom Williams
Office Number: 516-754-7167
Company address: 1465 Pipefitter Street Charleston, SC  29405
E-mail address:


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