Oceansafe, LLC

Thanks for supporting the Sustainable Sunshower SSIP build!

OCEANSAFE, LLC. is a manufacturer of steel structural insulated panels, committed to the sustainable rebuilding of New Orleans, with ongoing building projects here and throughout the Gulf and Caribbean Regions.  Its reach is also worldwide, in providing immediate and permanent volume solutions to both housing and commercial infrastructure needs, with a commitment to quality, exacting material standards and functional sustainability in every building they sell.  The concept behind OceanSafe Building Systems or SSIPS (Steel Structural Insulated Panels) is both simple and revolutionary.  The product consists of galvalume panels, combined with an expanded polystyrene core (EPS), and assembled with a patented snap-together system that makes them highly resistant to the traditional destructive forces of nature, resulting in a finished building that is truly green and enduringly sustainable with unprecedented warranties, energy savings, and insurance reductions.

Oceansafe, LLC

Representative: Cheria Scaffidi
Office Number: 504-523-4900
Company address: 720 Julia St. New Orleans, LA 70130
E-mail address:


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