Old World Finishes, LLC

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After operating a very successful custom home building and renovation business for 30 years, Bobby Devillier became extremely interested in changing the public’s perception about the way we finish the interior surfaces of buildings and homes currently. He believed that the “status quo” use of paint, varnishes, urethanes, and wallpaper could not really produce a lasting “test of time – not dated” set of interior finishes. After having worked on hundreds of custom homes and historic buildings, including projects like the renovation of The House of Blues in New Orleans, Bobby came to the conclusion that there was an existing need to return to interior finishes that could indeed stand the test of time architecturally and aesthetically. He was fortunate enough to meet a friend in New Orleans who got him acquainted with many old world applications of plasters, waxes and natural materials from places like China, Japan, Europe and the Americas.

After three years of study and work Bobby was rewarded accidentally with an introduction to a wonderful family run business in New Mexico called American Clay. The owners were committed to the production and allocation of natural wall finishes utilizing natural clays and pigments. The rest is history and Old World Finishes, L.L.C.  was born.

Old World is committed to the quality application of multiple plasters including but not limited to; American Clay Earth Plaster, Venetian Plaster, lime plaster, cement plaster, synthetic plaster and some of our own signature formulations. Many combinations of color and texture are achievable and almost unlimited in terms of architectural and aesthetic appearance. We also provide consulting, design and support services for a number of other finishing techniques.

Bobby’s work has appeared in numerous publications including the likes of Remodeling and Southern Living Magazines.

Old World Finishes, L.L.C. 

Representative: Bobby Devillier
Office Number: 225-751-3561
Company address: 11338 Cedar Park Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70809
E-mail address:


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