Snavely Forest Products

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Founded in 1902, Snavely Forest Products is a recognized leader in the wholesale lumber and building products industry, delivering superior material, exceptional service and market expertise to customers both near and far.

With distribution facilities throughout the U.S. and import/export capabilities, Snavely is proud to partner with – and provide access to – the world’s finest building materials manufacturers.

Our customers are among the world’s finest professional and do-it-yourself retailers, including independent dealers, homecenters, door and window shops and moulding & millwork manufacturers.

Since our founding, our goal has been, and continues to be, to provide our customers access to the world’s best building products. As a result of our international relationships with mills in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Rim, Western Europe, South America and South Africa we are able to offer our domestic customers the very best of the world’s building materials – at competitive prices.

And, Snavely Forest Products is proud to partner with manufacturers who produce quality recycled, engineered and alternative products when their environmental benefits are clearly demonstrated.

Snavely Forest Products supports those suppliers who use sustainable forest management practices, which integrate the world’s social, economic and environmental needs.


Snavely Forest Products

Representative: Vince Grayson
Office Number: 281-445-0011
Company address: 14315 W. Hardy Road Houston, TX 77060
E-mail address:


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