Stewart Interiors Contractors, LLC

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Stewart Interior Contractors L.L.C. is an Interior Building Contractor that was pecifically designed to complete drywall, acoustic ceilings, plaster and interior finishes in an efficient cost effective manner while maintaining the highest degree of quality and safety.  Stewart was formed in 1996 by Gordon Stewart and Paul Stringer with a simple goal of “excellence” in mind.   To that end Stewart Interior Contractors L.L.C. has established a group of professionals that when combined has well over one hundred (100) years of construction experience.  In addition to overall excellence we concentrate our other goals to include competitive pricing, high quality, service to the customer, and employee safety.  We presently employ over 200 people with offices in New Orleans and Houston and are constantly working to improve and grow.

Stewart’s Service

Metal framing, drywall, insulation, lath & plaster and acoustic ceilings:

–        Preconstruction services

–        Assisting Clients to establish and maintain budgets throughout the design process

–        While we are not engineers or architects we can lend support as to more effective design

–        Assisting clients in sequencing and streamlining our scopes of work

–        We also offer to Clients installation of doors, frames, hardware and blocking

–        Specialty items such as acoustic wall panels, metal panels and specialty ceiling items

Stewart’s mission to provide the maximum satisfaction of our clients while developing an atmosphere of gratification and safety to our employees.  Our motto is that we are only as successful as our least successful team member.  Our team consists of owners, general contractors, architects, vendors and employees.

Stewart Interiors LLC

Representative: Gordon Stewart
Office Number: 504-301-0535
Company address: 1119 Central Ave. Metairie, LA 70001
E-mail address:


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