The Original Rainwater Pillow

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The idea for The Original Rainwater Pillow stemmed from a time when Georgia was experiencing a severe drought and extreme outdoor water restrictions were in effect.  Rainwater harvesting became an obvious solution for those concerned about their gardens and investment in the outdoor landscaping.

The Original Rainwater Pillow rain harvesting collection system was developed and introduced in 2008 by Rainwater Collection Solutions, Inc as a unique way to store large volumes of water for both potable and non-potable applications in horizontal wasted space (under decks and in crawl spaces).  The cost of irrigation, water restrictions and security were among the factors that made the system attractive to consumers.

The Original Rainwater Pillow is made of military grade fabric that is flexible but not elastic.  Systems range in size from 1,000 to 200,000 gallons and are custom manufactured to fit specific locations and footprints.  The pillow material has a high UV resistance and proven durability up  to 25 years or more.  Additionally, the pillows are light weight and fold up for easy handling and economical shipping worldwide.

Rainwater Collection Solutions, Inc became aware of the Sunshower project at an international builders trade show and decided to take the opportunity to participate in the project by designing and installing The Original Rainwater Pillow system in the Sunshower model home.  The system is located in the crawlspace of the modular home utilizing the available wasted space.  Rainwater is collected from the roof, filtered and used for outdoor irrigation.  With the simple addition of two filters and a UV light, the water can also be used for drinking, toilet flushing and any other water use in the home. Since the pillow is flexible, it is the best solution for water storage in homes that will be shipped in containers throughout the world.

Rainwater Collection Solutions recognizes the importance of building green, energy- efficient, durable buildings like the Sunshower model.  Collecting rainwater right where it can be used again to support plant-life and human-life fits this project’s environmental goals.  Rainwater harvesting also reduces energy costs and controls storm water runoff. Rainwater, collected properly, is the cleanest water on earth, even cleaner than filtered water.  Households using rain water generally consume less water.  Also, water is an important natural resource for generating cost-efficient energy.

The Original Rainwater Pillow is an innovative rainwater harvesting system designed to be stored in horizontal wasted space (under decks or crawl space). Custom pillow sizes and footprints to 200,000 gallons. Complete kits include filtration, pumping, pillow, and fittings for potable and non-potable applications. The pillows are light weight and fold for easy installation and economical shipping. We also build custom cistern liners for new construction or repair.

To view the installation of The Original Rainwater Pillow at the REOSE Sunshower SSIP Model, click here.

The Original Rainwater Pillow
Representative: Jim Harrington
Office Number: 770-853-9918
Company address: 4004 Dover Ave. Alpharetta GA 30009
E-mail address:

 Facebook page: Rainwater Pillow

 Twitter: @RainwaterPillow


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