‘Dozens of Local Businesses Collaborate to Create One-Of-A-Kind, Next Generation, Green, Durable Home’

New Orleans, LA – September 27, 2011 – An unprecedented demonstration of local business collaboration is taking place now in New Orleans.  More than two dozen local construction professionals, design firms, vendors, and product specialists, led by Oceansafe, the The ReGen Group, Woodward Design+Build,, and C&G Construction have joined together to build the Sunshower SSIP model home.  This one-of-a-kind home, designed by architects Judith Kinnard and Tiffany Lin, winners of the 2010 REOSE Sustainable Design Competition, is being constructed at 222 Harrison Avenue in the Lakeview neighborhood of New

“The success of this project comes from the dedication of our local project preferred vendors.  All the materials to build this unique home are being donated.  This is a clear example of the understanding and the commitment to the future of green construction.  At the project site we are demonstrating that green, durable building can be done easily, quickly and with local partners.   It is clear that the rebuilding of New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina has been a catalyst for developing new materials and new methods of building.  The team involved will demonstrate that it is possible to build homes that protect life and reduce our impact on the environment quickly and economically,” said Joseph Basilice, President of Oceansafe.  Orleans, LA. All the materials and much of the labor needed to build this unique home have been donated by local businesses.  The participating businesses are also providing their expertise and staff to make this project a reality and a local project of national and international importance.  Once completed the Sunshower SSIP model home will show how the New Orleans’ building community is leading the way for sustainable and durable building.

The wide range of materials, building supplies and equipment being provided for the project by preferred vendors include Steel Structural Insulated Panels (SSIPs) for the exterior wall and roof, light weight steel framing, custom cabinetry, windows and doors, bathroom fixtures, hardware, paint, concrete, drywall, electrical supplies, an eco-friendly bed mattress, green landscaping design, sustainable features such as solar panels and rainwater collection systems and many more.  When completed the REOSE prize winning home design will demonstrate how innovation in the United States will transform green and durable construction around the globe.

The project site is presented to members of the construction and building community, the media, students and the public.  The site displays the latest in green technology, materials, and building design.  With the help of preferred New Orleans local vendors, everyone will have the opportunity to see what a truly sustainable home looks like and experience what it would be like to live in one. Onsite property tours are also available by appointment. For a full list of project vendors go to: This site also offers regular updates and photos of the project and its progress.

About the Project   

OceanSafe, the premier manufacturer of durable and energy-efficient Steel Structural Insulated Panels; The ReGen Group, sustainable design consultants; C&G Construction, a leading green residential and commercial contractor; and Woodward Design+Build, the largest Design + Build contractor in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Region have entered into a strategic partnership to produce this winning model, REOSE’s first sustainable prototype in New Orleans. The four associated companies are poised to manufacture, package, sell and market fully functional sustainable building kits in the US and abroad.


Each REOSE home building kit includes all the materials required to achieve a safe, healthy, comfortable, and enduring level of building performance, while meeting all of its energy and water needs even in extreme environments. Sponsoring companies have agreed to donate the materials and equipment for the interior and exterior of the dwelling, and to also collaborate as to renewable energy components, HVAC, lighting, decking and interior framing, windows, doors, furniture, cabinets, appliances, flooring, and home décor for the project.

To download the PDF of this Press Release click below.

Press Release_Local Business Join with REOSE


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