Cimsco, Inc.

Thanks for supporting the Sustainable Sunshower SSIP build!

Cimsco, Inc. is a municipal supply company. We supply the parishes in our region, contractors, plumbers, industrial companies, etc. We have a large inventory and also do special orders. The list below is just some of the items we supply to our customers. Our large inventory contains many waterworks and utility products for water, sewer, and drain connections. We carry a full line of Ford Brass. These products include couplings and connections to make taps on PVC and Polyethylene water service pipe and tubing. Wether it is PVC pipe, polyethylene tube, copper, or lead we have all the pieces to complete the most difficult of jobs.

Don’t be caught waiting for material, let our knowledgeable staff deliver the right products faster than any of our competitors.

Our material is used by many trades. Our customers are underground contractors, plumbers, municipalities, water districts, plant services, drainage contractors, and anyone else who digs holes to put in utility services. Our warehouse stocks material for use by the underground contractor as well as the mechanical plumber. Whatever the connection, MJ, Flange, Push-on, TR-Flex, or threaded, we look forward to serving all your fitting needs.

Cimsco Inc prides itself in offering Efficient Take-offs, Technical Assistance, Competitive Pricing, and most of all our Service which is second to none!

Cimsco, Inc.

Representative: “Trey” Paul E. Riviere III
Office Number: 504-835-7319
Company address: 221 Canal St, Metairie, LA 70005
E-mail address:


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